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We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

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Boost Your Business with PPC Magic Get More Clicks, Make More Sales

Welcome to Leadzsoft, your go-to destination for top-notch PPC advertising services! We specialize in creating effective and results-driven juggernauts that will help your business thrive in the online geography. Our team of expert marketers and strategists are devoted to maximizing your return on investment and driving targeted business to your website.

At Leadzsoft, we have a proven track record of delivering successful PPC advertising juggernauts across different platforms.

Grow Your Business with LeadzSoft

PPC Management Services Offered


Our PPC Management Services Run on the Following Beliefs

You Own the Account

Your Google Ads account is considered an asset. While we will help create your account, we don’t assume sole ownership. We grant you access to your account to further expand upon complete transparency.

No Long-Term Contracts for PPC Advertising Services

Our PPC agency requires 90 days to cancel PPC management services. Unlike the big box agencies, we believe that the best way to keep a client is to do our jobs well, not lock them into a long-term contract they hate.

We Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Conversions

As a business owner, you care about getting traffic through the door and producing eCommerce sales, not impressions, click-through rate, or any other metrics.

We Use Transparency and Clarity for Reports on our PPC Advertising Services

We show you the metrics you care about in regular reports, sparing you from the technical jargon. Unless, of course, you want to follow along, in which case, we are happy to do so.

No Digital Marketing Silos Here

We work as a team. Digital Logic’s PPC program is built to support your overall digital marketing strategy, working with our content marketing team for better conversion rate optimization, landing page experience, and search engine optimization efforts.

We Don't Autopilot Ad Campaigns

At LeadzSoft , we don’t “campaign setup and ditch.” We have a truly amazing PPC management team that manages search campaigns on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the spend velocity.

You Get a Dedicated Campaign Manager

Every single client has a dedicated point of contact who will answer any questions in less than 24 hours during the week and sometimes, even on the weekends.

Constantly Improving Paid Search Campaigns

Our goal isn’t to gain the most clients we can. Instead, we focus on maximizing the profits for the clients we have. You make more, so you’re able to spend more.

Be the Leader in your Industry. Make your Competitors Jealous.

Frequently asked questions

What info do I need to provide?

You need to provide the budget, target location, in case if ad scheduling is needed, your customer id, if you want me to directly setup in your adwords account.

Can you guarantee 100% sales?
Do I have to provide my login details of google ads account?

No. You need not provide your AdWords login details. All you need to provide is your AdWords customer ID. I’ll then send you an access request from my manager account which you need to approve.

Can You Setup Campaign in 1 Day?

Yes. If you are hurry, you can buy extra fast delivery.

Ads account suspended by suspicious payment activity ?

Some ads accounts are getting suspended for the reason of “suspicious payment activity”, after you enter the billing details in the account, in this case you have to work with Google Ads team to get approval, and remove the suspensions, as I don’t have control on this!

What Languages Do You Work With?

I prefer only the English language.

What type of campaigns i don’t do?

CBD, Tobacco, Drugs, Illegal products or services, Interest, Banking, Finance, Mortgage, Loan, Adult Products or Services, Interest, Gambling, Illegal products or services, Dangerous Products or Services, Non-Profit Ad Grant, Suspended Accounts

How do i deal with malicious software issues after ads setup ?

Some ads are getting disapproved, for the reason of malicious files or links which installed in your website. After i setup the ads if any ads are getting the malicious software issue, you must ask your developer to remove the malicious links and contact Google Ads support team to re approve the ads