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Our team of educated SEO professionals utilizes industry best practices and other strategies to optimize your website for Search Engines. With our SEO services, we aim to enhance your website's applicability and authority. At LeadzSoft , we're committed to delivering results and helping your business achieve long-term success.

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Grow Your Business with LeadzSoft

Our SEO Service Strategy​​

You Need a Professional SEO Company to See the Best Results

In highly competitive industries, it is not possible to take some SEO measures halfway. To attract the highest returns on investments,

You’ll need a professional SEO agency that can provide quality SEO management services in order to bring in the highest return on investment.

That is done by our seo experts. Being recognized as one of the best seo agencies, we have nailed the “secret sauce”, delivering our customers clear results. Our conversion-driven approach will benefit you. The traffic for your SEO and its economic impact on your bottom line.

Regarding the SEO content of website, we are convinced that first and foremost the interests and needs of the end users should come first. The following are some of the main components for SEO rankings.


Grow Your Business With Leadz


SEO is hard, but our team of experts make it look easy. We don’t launch a project without making sure your site is set for success.

Website Audit

Keyword Reporting

Competitor Profile

XML Sitemap Submission

Keyword Research


H1, H2, H3 & H4 Tags

Webmaster Tools Setup

Analytics Setup

Images ALT Tags

Authoritative Linking

Internal Linking

External Citations

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We Have many good client reviews

Tahir Munir's expertise at LeadzSoft is unparalleled. SEO results exceeded expectations, driving increased traffic and conversions.


Tahir Munir's SEO expertise transformed my website! Increased visibility, higher rankings. Highly recommend!


Thrilled with LeadzSoft's SEO impact! Tahir Munir's strategic approach elevated my site's rankings and organic traffic.


Choosing LeadzSoft for SEO was a game-changer. Tahir Munir's expertise delivered tangible, sustainable results for my site.


Be the Leader in your Industry. Make your Competitors Jealous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which niche do you accept?

I accept all valid URLs. Exceptions: adult sites and illegal content

Is your service Google friendly?

Of course, my service is based on the latest Google updates!

Is it a monthly service?

Yes, Off-page SEO is a monthly SEO service because if you want to get a spot on the first page of Google, then we have to compete with sites having very strong backlink profiles. To do so, we have to create backlinks every month and keep in mind that your competitors will not stop creating backlinks

How many keywords and URLs you accept?

To get started, I’ll need your site URL and up to 5 keywords

We create almost all types of white hat backlinks, like Web 2.0, Forum, Profiling, Tiered, and Contextual. We have different strategies to use them effectively. First we audit the site and then make the best SEO strategy according to the site’s needs. We apply that strategy and keep tracking improve

Which Monthly SEO plan is best for new websites?

We recommend our Standard Monthly Plan for newly built websites. Premium Plan is best for old sites for better results.

On average, our backlinks index between 3–4 weeks after creation, and then you will see improvement in your site.

Do you guarantee first page rankings in Google if I buy your SEO service?

Basically, no one can give you a page one ranking guarantee as SEO is an on-going process and Google itself says, “Beware of SEO experts that claim to guarantee rankings.” But I really do ensure to execute the absolute best SEO strategies and techniques.